Underpants Fly Over Prague Castle

by Jenny Hansen

Ninja artists pantsed the flagpole at Prague Castle… I knew I liked those Czechs.

This post is a how-to guide on dropping a political F-bomb with style. Basically, a group of artists said, “Mr. President (Milos Zeman), you have pissed us off. Here are some ginormous red boxers for you. In your face!”

Did you watch that video? With the three creeping chimney sweeps running a prank that screams of high school toilet paper parties? It’s hilarious. Of course, all three people were detained over the swapping of this flag, but I’ll bet they still thought it was worth it.

Yes, I know they were technically “desecrating public property.” But it’s not like they graffitti’d or defaced the flag. They just decided their president didn’t warrant the dignity of a flag over Prague Castle – instead he got UNDERPANTS.

No words even needed to be spoken.

According to the BBC:

A Czech art group has replaced the flag flying above the presidential palace with a huge pair of underpants in protest against President Milos Zeman.

Three men clambered onto the roof of the the official building dressed as chimney sweeps on Saturday. They have since been arrested.

The Ztohoven group said the new flag was for “a man who is not ashamed of anything”.

(Photo credit: AFP – via BBC.com)

Castle Prague, Undies

Think of what an amazing trend this could be… What kind of undie hijinks could protesting artists get up to across the globe? And how did they find boxers in this size?? Assuming they didn’t hand-stitch these, I think they need to share the name of that vendor.

Which world leader do you think deserves to have their flagpole “pantsed?” What kind of undies would send the proper message? (I vote for Scratch and Sniff.) Continue the discussion at the #SocialIn hashtag on Twitter or SocialInDC on Facebook!

~ Jenny

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