San Jose Hot Hipster Flipster Market

San Jose Hot Hipster Flipster Market

San Jose combines two unique demographic and sociological patterns which appeal to the Hipster Flipster and Millennial Investor.   In short, San Jose has one of the highest concentration of hipsters and millennial populations; and also ranked by Forbes as one of the economies with the most momentum http://www.forbes.com/sites/joelkotkin/2013/12/26/the-metro-areas-with-the-most-economic-momentum-going-into-2014/

According to:  Alexander E.M. Hess and Thomas C. Frohlich

1. San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, Calif.
> Avg. gross profit: $166,287
> Flipped price: $704,762 (the highest)
> Number of flips: 202
> Change in flips Q2 to Q3: -39%

Like many housing markets in California and across the country, home flipping activity declined in the San Jose metro area. [Ed Note: Low Inventory drives up profits]  As of the third quarter of this year, just over 200 homes were flipped, down nearly 40% from the previous quarter. Gross profits from home flipping, however, were nearly three times the national average, at more than $166,000. This was also up slightly from the year before. On average, a flipped home sold for more than $700,000 in the third quarter of the year, by far the highest of any housing market in the nation.  http://247wallst.com/special-report/2013/10/18/the-best-cities-to-flip-a-house-2/3/

Fortunately for the Investor there are two new websites they may wish to try out that will afford the Millenial Investor great real estate market trends, and lead creation for entering and participating in this lucrative market.

The first is  http://flipnerd.com  which is remaking it’s site for re launch later this summer.  FlipNerd intends to position itself as the FREE Resource for Investor Listings,  a site where you can find potential rental properties to purchase, and the first in the U.S.  Real Estate Investing Service for Millenial Real Estate Investors and homeowners.

Why is the Millennial market so important?  We asked Mike Hambright of  http://uglyopportunities.com/san-jose-hipster-flipster-market-ranked-high/   who cited  the fact that millions of millennials and hipsters want to participate in the Real Estate market.   Millennials traditionally have bought fewer homes,  Hambright says.  “With so many young and affluent starting families and having two professional incomes to share the costs, this market is set to take advantage of bargains, real estate hacks, and new technologies”   Citing  SFGate’s ‘On the Block’ blog this week:

“….the Bay Area has been identified (by) a familiar trend with a funny new name: Flipping to hipsters. The idea here is that sellers in more affordable markets can find opportunity in targeting hipsters, which The Chron’s Anna Marie Erwert identified as basically anybody between the ages of 25 and 35. This demographic owns homes at a lower rate than the rest of the country, and represents an under-valued marketplace.” http://www.eichlernetwork.com/blog/flipping-hipsters-its-automatic-eichlers

UglyOpportunities is uniquely situated to teach this new generation of home owner and investor alike.  With over 60,000 transactions, they are the largest real estate investment group in the United States.   UglyOpportunities.Com helps the  25 to 34 year old market avoid unnecessary risk with World Class training, support and an affordable Franchise Option Call:  855-937-8459

With such astronomical  profits to be made in house flipping, and the potential for finding bargains;  the 24 – 35 age group exploding on the market as the best educated and savviest shoppers;  FlipNerd and UglyOpportunities are both poised to take advantage of this confluence of technologies.

Your Social N Takeaway:  Look for Real Estate Nerds to adopt early technologies with secure and safe team approach to Investing.


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